Frequently asked questions

1. Why does the protective cream sometimes have small particles in the compound?

Those tiny particles are only natural butters that solidify when the environment they are kept in is cold.
Rub the cream gently on the tips of your fingers and the particles will melt, the result being as efficient.
Products that have in their formula natural ingredients only, and these may look different depending on the environment.

2. Why does the cleansing gel does not foam abundantly? Is it not efficient?

No, it is! The unique formulation is based on honey, not on water, so it only allows for a light foaming of the product, but that does not mean it is not efficient in removing dirt and impurities.

3. Do you use artificial scents, SLS, parabens or synthetic preservatives?

No, and we shall never use it.

4. Do the products need to be kept in the fridge?

No, but they must be kept in optimal conditions: under 25 C, away from humid places, light and sunlight.

5. Are Nuca Organic products cruelty-free?

Not a single product of Nuca Organic has been tested on animals.

6. I have to know if Nuca Organic products will cause me or my child allergic reactions.

You know what is safest for you and your child. Please look at the ingredient list for our products and see if there is an ingredient that you know might be an allergen for you or your child. The products designed for the young ones are formulated without essential oils, which can result in irritation and without components known as allergens.

If you have specific questions on the safety of the products, allergens or ingredients, it is best to consult with your doctor, who knows your sensitivities when it comes to skin prone to allergies.

7. Why do the products have a shorter expiration date than conventional products?

The products are formulated with natural ingredients which have an expiration date smaller than synthetic products and natural preservatives have a shorter duration of action than its synthetic counterparts.

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