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I am Corina Ujeniuc, founder of Nuca Organic. If you are here, it means you are ready to join me on the road to 100% natural cosmetics.

I would like to start off by telling you a few words about myself. I graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Environmental Engineering within the University of Agronomic Sciences in Bucharest, and for a good amount of time I worked in Pharma.

I embarked on my skin health journey after a bad experience. When I was pregnant, after a check-up, the dermatologist discovered I had a mole prone to cancer. After the surgery, I was told that for the rest of my life, I would have to be careful about what products I apply to my skin: more specifically, nothing synthetic, nothing with artificial scents or chemicals.

I then gave birth to Stefan, and from the desire to offer him only the best nature can give and with the help of my acquired knowledge I slowly started to build the concept Nuca Organic- beauty without compromise.

All my products are artisanal, from 100% natural ingredients, based on complex formulae that feed, rejuvenate, and restore skin health. I use organic butter and oils, pure extracts, peptides with clinically proven efficiency and natural preservatives. In my endeavour to support and encourage local makers, four of my products have authentic, romanian ingredients. I use beeswax and wild, unfiltered honey from an unpolluted mountain area within the heart of Transylvania and organic sea buckthorn oil, sourced from Buzău county.

Finally, I would like to thank you for being here and for choosing Nuca Organic products!

Be good to yourself! Feel good in your skin!
Cosmetice Naturale Romanesti

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